How to Choose a Test Prep Book

Do you have an important test coming up? Purchasing a test prep book to help you get your best score is a smart investment in your future. However, you do need to be careful that you are choosing the best test prep book for your needs.

Here are the key aspects to look for when you shop:

Comprehensive Review:

Obviously, it is essential for your test prep book to thoroughly cover the material that will be on the test. But this doesn’t mean you need to buy the biggest, thickest test prep book you can find. Longer books are often full of fluff and filler that will only distract you from the key concepts you really need to learn. Trivium Test Prep’s books have 25 to 35 percent fewer pages than the competition because we’ve streamlined the material to give you exactly what you need to succeed.

Test-Taking Tips:

Learning the material is only part of the equation when it comes to succeeding on tests. You also need to learn the test format so you know exactly what to expect on test day. This helps you go into the test with confidence—and studies have shown that confident students score better on tests. Look for a test prep book that contains tips for time management, educated guessing, and other test-taking secrets specifically related to the test you will be taking.

Practice Questions:

Practice questions are one of the best ways to test your understanding of the material that will be on the test. The best test prep books contain practice questions or even entire practice tests that are designed to mimic the real test experience as closely as possible. Studying the practice questions will keep you from being surprised or confused by how different types of questions are presented on the test, and you won’t waste time puzzling them out or make careless mistakes because you haven’t understood the questions.

Detailed Answers:

When you use practice questions or a practice test, you don’t just want to know if you got the answer right or wrong—you want to know why. Detailed answers are essential for helping you learn from your mistakes as well as for reinforcing your understanding of the concepts in the questions you answered correctly.

Engaging Format:

Although we often call what we learn in school “book learning,” for most people learning from a book isn’t the most effective way to gain knowledge. This is why so many students opt for test prep classes or private tutoring. If classes or tutoring don’t fit your schedule and/or budget, don’t worry. Trivium Test Prep books are designed to simulate the experience of working one-on-one with a tutor to keep you engaged and make sure you get the most from your test prep sessions.

Experience the Trivium Difference

Trivium Test Prep produces a wide variety of superior quality test prep books for tests in the college placement, healthcare, teaching, military, and professional fields. Browse our website today to find the right test prep book for you and prepare to get your best score on your upcoming test.