Compass Flash cards

The effectiveness of flash cards joined with the ease of use and small size of a book! These flash cards are not conventional, but at Trivium Test Prep, we don't subscribe to convention. Traditional flash cards are bulky, difficult to organize, and impossible to use on the go unless of course you bind them with a ring. These are already bound for you in the form of a book! These flash cards can be used anywhere, anytime without worry about losing any cards or getting cards out of order...not to mention the sheer bulk of flash cards is condensed into an easy to use size.

This flash card set includes must-know information to save time on the exam, as well as brain-trainer math speed drills to increase mental math agility, decreasing a student’s dependence on the calculator. These flash cards are essential for the student wanting to increase the test taking speed. Also of course are hundreds of the must-know vocabulary words and verbal information such as prefixes, suffixes, and roots so you can learn to decipher the meaning of a word, even if you don't know its definition.